We understand and appreciate the need of Medical transcription for hospitals and doctors

We will swiftly & accurately transcribe your dictations that have been uploaded to our server. Our employees transcribe the audio, check it for quality and upload it back to the server. The transcribed documents can be downloaded at any time from the server.

We sign Confidential agreement with all employees. Our employees have proven themselves to uphold high standards of integrity.

Our patient management software removes the need to expose the patient's details in the files sent for transcription. Instead of the patient's name, a patient ID is used in the files sent for transcription. This protects the patient's privacy and enforces data protection.

We understand the work demands and time constraints of doctors. Our "friendly support team will help to resolve any issues quickly. Where needed we also train the secretaries to get up to speed with the system.

We provide a reliable and efficient transcription service tailored to the needs of your practice. We convert any type of dictation by doctors like referral letters, medical reports and speeches into text format. Our transcriptionists are highly experienced in providing an accurate and quality service.

Practices can use our service as a complete solution for their typing needs or as a backup during the peak times thereby being flexible and cost effective. Our guarantee is that is the deliverable is of excellent quality!

Data Protection

We are Registered with Data Protection Act. Data protection is one aspect we do not and will not compromise. We use firewalls and encryption to safeguard the data during file transfer in the network/internet. All our processes, software and practises ensure data is protected to the core.